The Most Special NFT

A worldwide first, first film, initial investment and first
and only largest share of investment.
The most special share of shares.

Sample Video, 720p
1:1 NFT investing value: %15

NFT of the biggest investment rate of the project and Only one unique NFT.
*** The person who owns this NFT has the right to publicity in the film. You can learn the details of this right by contacting us before the film starts shooting.

NFT Specs

Edition: 1:1
IFIF Project ID: TR340001001
IFIF NFT Token ID: 4/21 001-001
File type: MP4
File size: 22,0 MB (23.075.925 bayt)
Time: 00:16
Video Resolution: 3840×2160
Video Spec: 4K 2160p 30fps
Sound Spec: AAC 320kbps 48khz Stereo
Creator: IFIF Capital

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