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IFIF Capital

Who we are, what we do?

An international fund that brings together project owners and investors for world cinema.
It is an investor-oriented international financial management and fund organization
that opens a new solution door to investors and project owners
within the framework of confidentiality principle.
Producing innovative solutions, IFIF leader high-budget film projects in the cinema and media sector worldwide.
Evaluates and filters the film projects with its experienced project commission team, each of whom is experienced in their field,
from all over the world, and presents the risk analysis and investment plan of the approved film projects to its investors.
It supervises every process of film projects financed by investors until they are released and reports to the investor.
To the extent that the investor invests in the production budget of the film, after the movie is released,
the investor also earns at the same investment rate.
Special Thanks
IFIF Capital has pioneered many firsts in the finance and cinema industry since 2015 with innovations. We are developing day by day by making more investments in technology and R&D. We thank everyone who supported our imagination and walked on this path with us.

We powered with YOU
Kind Regard.


If you have any suggestions, R&D or questions regarding the IFIF Capital system, please contact us.

Project Team

For detailed information about the stage of your project, please contact us. * Project ID is required.

Finance Team

Please contact us for detailed information about our investment projects and how to invest in projects.

Important Information: 
* We do not accept online investment payments through our website. After completing the corporate or individual information, you can act as an "Investor or Project Owner" after the registration process is completed. 

* In order to invest in our projects, investment contracts must be signed by e-signature. 

* Users who are not registered in the system can only view or purchase our Investment NFTs in marketplaces. 

* IFIF Capital is not a Cryptocurrency exchange platform or company. It converts NFT sales into movie production budgets by dividing the production budget of the film into different shares with NFT in order to invest in film projects and to evaluate the film project.