Opportunity to become an investor with NFT.

“We are the first company in the world to finance cinema projects with NFTs”

IFIF Capital is an art producer. We share with you the movie projects of which we have all the legal rights with NFT. If you have an investment NFT, you both have a unique piece of art and invest in the production of a new piece of art. These films have been financed by NFT investors with NFT investment shares.

*** At the request of our investors, we offer the opportunity to invest in film projects with NFT, which are approved by our project experts.

Investing with NFTs

It is the fact that the production budget of film projects is divided into different rates with NFT and many people invest in the same film and then earn income from the film.

Share value with NFTs

Each NFT carries a different share value. NFT of a single movie is an unmatched investment value. Each NFT has its own odds and different earning rights.

Earnings rights for NFTs

When you own NFT of a movie, you will earn revenue within the time specified in the smart contract as long as the movie is screened. You earn income not only from cinemas, but also from TV channels and digital platforms. In short, you are like a partner in a movie with NFT. The profit from the screening of the movie is paid to the wallet where the NFT is located.

NFTs of unique movies

IFIF Capital only creates NFTs of movies that will be screening worldwide. If you wish, you can make a collection of NFTs of unique films, or sell NFT to the person you choose.

NFT sample for investment

NFTs of Movie Series

Movie projects ready for investment

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