We open your movie project to investors all over the world.

We prepare all risk analysis and investment plans of movie projects approved by our experts. We carefully select and develop film projects suitable for worldwide screening. We provide multiple special rights such as sponsorships according to the investment rates of investors who invest in film projects.

in 2021
+200 Investors
+50 Film Projects
+100 Producers
+60M$ Investment Budget
+40 Solution Partners

Invest with NFT Series

IFIF Capital is an art maker. We share with you the movie projects of which we have all legal rights, with NFT, and offer the opportunity to become an investor in the movie project for which you have acquired the NFT. This movie series is funded by NFT investors.

*** In 2021, we breaking new ground by funding the production budget of 9 films with NFT.
1. Paris Dakar’92 (Action, Drama, Sport)
2. Stronghold (Drama, War) “The project is being preparing”
3. Die before die! (Action, Drama, Sci-Fi) “The project will being preparing on May”
4. Coming soon on Jun.
5. Coming soon on Aug.
6. Coming soon on Sep.
7. Coming soon on Sep.
8. Coming soon on Oct.
9. Coming soon on Oct.

Investment Projects

You can examine all the details of the movie projects opened for investment and you can invest in more than one project at any rate. To become an investor, you must register personal or corporate in the system. If you have a signed, log in.

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