IFIF Capital; It is an international financial fund that brings filmmakers together with investors

In confidentiality; We are leading the way in finding and launching the financial resources of big budget film projects all around the world

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In line with the demands of our investors, we adjusted the investment rates of the production budget of the films and now we have prepared the investment opportunity with the new generation #NFT.

 Important Information:
* We do not accept online investment payments through our website. After completing the corporate or individual information, you can act as an "Investor or Project Owner" after the registration process is completed.

* In order to invest in our projects, investment contracts must be signed by e-signature.  

* Users who are not registered in the system can only view or purchase our Investment NFTs in marketplaces.

* IFIF Capital is not a Cryptocurrency exchange platform or company. It converts NFT sales into movie production budgets by dividing the production budget of the film into different shares with NFT in order to invest in film projects and to evaluate the film project.